Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Founding Advisor
Iman is a 3rd year Neuroscience student. She is passionate about campaigning for change and has previously worked in the human rights sector, and in parliament to bring about policy change. In her work for Prosper, Iman hopes to inspire conversation around the power of finance for good.


Executive Director
Jack is a 4th year Geography student. He has a deep interest in the financial sector but is also passionate about the third sector and using finance to drive positive social change. He enjoys playing hockey for the varsity team.


Investment Management Director
Adam is a 4th year Economics student with a keen interest for socially responsible investment. Outside Prosper, he runs an event company in Edinburgh which showcases local up-and-coming talent and renowned acts. 


Social Impact Director
Alexandra is a 4th year Cognitive Science student. Growing up in South Africa, her desire to help bring about social good and sustainable solutions was sparked from a young age. She is a firm believer in the collective power of people who want to make a difference - which embodies Prosper's aim.


Head of Investment Strategy
Christopher is a 4th year Economics student from Boston MA. He is excited by the potential for social finance as an incentive for companies to embrace profit for a purpose. He is spending his summer as an economic consulting intern. In his free time, he enjoys film photography and sailing.


Head of Marketing
Justin is a 3rd year Mathematics and Statistics student. He is fascinated by the power of numbers, and how it can influence and shape decisions. Through Prosper, he hopes to apply what he learnt to spark a social finance movement to bring social good in Indonesia.


Head of Strategic Relations
Angus is a 4th year Politics student. He is passionate about investment management and hopes to develop this interest whilst making a positive contribution to the community here in Edinburgh. Beyond Prosper he enjoys playing university hockey, videography, and volunteering for Protect Our Winters.


Head of Training
Rosalind is a 3rd year Economics and Economic History student. She has a strong interest in developmental economics, histories in economic theories, and in the ways that these theories could help developing countries. In her free time, Rosalind enjoys travelling, cooking, and playing the piano.


Head of Training
Tasha is a 4th year Politics and Economic and Social History student. Growing up in Malaysia, Her interest in the third sector and bringing about social good stemmed from a young age. She has strong interest in the economics and political impacts of social change, and is an avid believer in using collaboration to do this. 

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