Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Iman Mouloudi

Founding Advisor
Iman is a 4th year Neuroscience student. She is passionate about campaigning for change and has previously worked in the human rights sector, and in parliament to bring about policy change. In her work for Prosper, Iman hopes to inspire conversation around the power of finance for good.

Duncan Harris

Executive Director

Duncan is a 4th year Physics and Music student. He is interested in using finance as a tool for social change and empowering as many others as possible to do so as well. In his spare time he enjoys composing music and occasionally bowls bobbly off-cutters for the university cricket team.

Tiri Chidzwondo

Head of Investment Tracking
Tirivashe is a 3rd Year Chemical Engineering with Management student. Growing up in Zimbabwe he gained a passion for both finance and social impact. He looks to help build the Prosper Portfolio into one with socially conscious companies and spread the word about social finance.

Clara Geldard

Social Impact Director
Clara is a 2nd year Arabic and Politics student. She is passionate about making the financial world more accessible to young people and was drawn to Prosper because of the focus it places on sustainable investment. Outside of university, she works for a children’s rehabilitation centre in Kenya.

Mackenzie Wallace

Head of Investment Strategy
Mackenzie is currently a 4th year undergraduate student studying Economics with Finance. She is excited about the future of SRI and the movement towards profit for purpose. I am looking forward to serving on the management team as Head of Investment Strategy to further the path of SRI via ESG criteria by ensuring long-term growth and sustainability in Prosper’s investments.

Patrick Haworth

Head of Marketing
Paddy is a 2nd year Economics student. He is skeptical of the current financial system and excited to see if finance can be used as a tool for good and deliver positive social impact. In his free time he can be found on the hockey pitch or in the theatre on stage.

Jemima Banks

Head of Strategic Relations
Jemima is a 2nd year Economics and Politics student and first discovered Prosper when looking for evidence that altruism and investment may go hand in hand. As an economist she is particularly interested in its clear quantitative pact to the community by using structured and transparent goals. In her free time she is also involved in Edinburgh University RAG as Head of Volunteers.

Rory Sandison

Director of Training
Rory is a 2nd year Economics with Environmental Studies student. He has a strong interest in micro-economics and how the consumer may drive positive environmental change through their choices. Outside of Prosper, Rory is helping with the UK launch of student to student textbook sales platform, Quillo.

Vicky Grant

Director of Training
Vicky is a 3rd year Economics and Politics student. Growing up in Greece, her interest in economics and finance stems from her experiences relating to the 2008 Financial Crisis and the ensuing fiscal issues it revealed in the country. The use of finance as a tool to bring positive social impact is something she is very passionate about and she is excited to see new analysts help Prosper grow its portfolio and expand its social impact.
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