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What is ESG investing?

ESG investing is when investors analyse environmental, social and governance factors when considering potential investments.

Environmental Here we assess to what extent a company’s operations impact the environment. We consider factors such as waste management, carbon footprint and the use of natural resources.

Social Here we focus on how a company impacts communities at all levels. Does their business model have negative social externalities? Are they helping to improve the quality of life of people around the world?

Governance Here we address the leadership and management of a business. How does a company address diversity and inclusion? Are they transparent on executive pay and incentives?

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Here is what some of our former analysts had to say

One of the best things about Prosper was the exposure to people within the finance industry trying to push socially responsible finance forward
Conan Phimister
Analyst, 18/19 Sem 1
The Prosper community is diverse in culture and academic background – everyone is welcome and equally able to make a valuable contribution
Melissa Fasol
Analyst, 18/19 Sem 1
Working with analysts from different cultural and racial backgrounds was also enlightening as I got to learn new concepts and improve my critical thinking skills
Donald Toperesu
Analyst, 19/20 Sem 1