About us

Prosper Social Finance is the first student-run social investment fund in the UK; founded and run entirely by students at the University of Edinburgh.

At its core, Prosper aims to challenge the traditional perceptions of finance, making the world of investment more compassionate and approachable.


Our investment portfolio is underpinned by our ESG criteria and values.
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All profits from our investment portfolio will be used to make our own social impact investments into local charities, projects and social enterprises.
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All our members go through our training programme, making investing and finance more accesible and inclusive.
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We aim to get students to be more involved and aware of the community they are a part of. We also aim to connect with a global community of students investing responsibly.
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Prosper Social Finance CIC
Company No. SC588686
Registered at 2F1, 21 Warrender Park Terrace, Edinburgh EH9 1EF
© 2019 Prosper Social Finance
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