Where Are They Now?

By Jack Friend, Former Executive Director

Hello! My name is Jack, and I was part of the founding team at Prosper in my third year before taking on the role of Executive Director in my fourth year. I studied Geography at Edinburgh, and for me, Prosper merged an interest in and care for our planet and the people on it with the intriguing world of finance.

My experience at Prosper has been fundamental in shaping my current career as well as my goals and aspirations for the future. Learning about the investment industry surrounded by other passionate students enabled me to develop knowledge and skills I wouldn’t have otherwise had when I left University. Furthermore, the opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of sustainable finance and research investments in a way that aligns with my passions and values was, I believe, unique to Prosper. All of this, while surrounded by other passionate students, with whom I could discuss and debate all of the challenging issues surrounding the industry and the recent surge in sustainable investment. My experience at Prosper was one that allowed me to see the finance industry as a place where I might be able to make a difference, and it helped me question the status quo and ask; what if things could be done differently?

Since leaving University, I have started working for Alpha F.M.C as an analyst consultant. We work with asset and wealth managers to help them with any challenges they might face to deliver the best results for their end investors. Since joining, I have been on several projects at different asset managers and have already started learning a lot. Excitingly, as we have seen the industry begin to react to a demand for the incorporation of sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors within investment processes and philosophies, Alpha have started to work with our clients to help them to properly integrate these considerations across their business, from their investment philosophy to which data to use and how best to keep up with the myriad of sustainability regulation.

In short, Prosper has shaped my interests, enabled me to think critically, but positively, about the future of the asset management industry and given me lifelong skills, memories and friends.’