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Are you looking for an exciting challenge, meet new people, and most importantly, create positive social impact within the local community? Look no further and apply today to be a Social Finance Analyst with us! You will have the opportunity to pitch shares of socially responsible companies with fellow analysts, and most importantly, you will have a say in where our profit goes!

We welcome and encourage all students from the University of Edinburgh - regardless of year and degree - to apply. The next opportunity to do so will be in January 2020. In the meantime, please sign up to our mailing list below and we will be in touch as soon as applications open.


Still not convinced? Here's what previous analysts have to say about us and our training programme:
"Throughout the 8-week guided training program, I learnt many skills that I will take with me well beyond Prosper. This training ranged all the way from learning about stock valuation and ESG ratings to stock pitching. Starting from the basics, it would be possible for people with all levels of knowledge to join the program.

Besides the training, one of the best things about Prosper was the exposure to people within the finance industry trying to push socially responsible finance forward. We received presentations from an analyst from Baillie Gifford’s ESG fund as well as the chair of EU’s expert commission on sustainable finance. This allowed us to learn from and to ask questions to those who are at the forefront of ESG investing. 

This experience would be very hard to get anywhere else on campus. I would strongly recommend Prosper to anyone interested in finance or sustainable development, not only due to the amount you will learn but for the people you will get to meet."
Conan Phimister
Analyst, 18/19 Semester 1
"My experience at Prosper has been one of the most rewarding experiences at University. I am a Neuroscience student with no background in finance and therefore found the idea of pitching a stock to a team of professionals very daunting. However, the structured training and support provided by the management team made this a reality that ultimately led to a successful stock pitch! 

The Prosper community is diverse in culture and academic background – everyone is welcome and equally able to make a valuable contribution. I particularly enjoyed applying my own personal interests and academic background within a financial context. I feel privileged to have made a contribution and fully recommend, without any reservation, participating in this programme."
Melissa Fasol
Analyst, 18/19 Semester 1
"Working with Prosper over the last semester has been rewarding, challenging and fun. Meeting like-minded people and working with them over the 8-week training programme has been a great experience, and one that I will remember long after university. 

The training team managed to keep the content fun and engaging, whilst constantly developing everyone's presentation and public speaking skills. Every member of the management team was extremely helpful, and they were all generous in the giving of their time to help with any issues we had with our company research.

Although daunting, the final investment pitch was the most rewarding experience of my university career. It is the opportunity to showcase all the hard work that you and your team have put in over the previous two months, and it was actually good fun being up there in front of the management team. As for the night out at the end of semester…

I am looking forward to continuing with Prosper for the next semester, and the new challenges that will come our way!"
Ross Morrison
Analyst, 18/19 Semester 1
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