Senior Analyst Programme

Our Senior Analyst Programme is available to Prosper’s Analysts who have undergone the Analyst Training Programme. The Senior Analyst Programme is designed to expand Analyst’s knowledge of Prosper’s investments and its processes as a fund and social enterprise. Rather than working through a syllabus, Senior Analysts work on projects which may relate to all areas of Prosper’s operations. Senior Analysts work closely with the Management Team, with greater independence and have the opportunity to make their own impact on Prosper’s activities. 
In the beginning of each semester, before applications for the Programme open, the Management Team announces 2-3 projects which the Senior Analysts will complete during the semester. Throughout the semester they are guided by the Management Team but complete the majority of their work independently and submit the final product at the end of the semester.
Since new projects are announced each semester, Senior Analysts can be part of the Senior Analyst Programme for as many semesters as they wish. The Programme is also designed to allow Senior Analysts to be part of the programme in non-consecutive semesters.
New projects are announced in our social media pages and groups which all former Analysts are part of.

Interested in applying? 

We encourage all of our previous Analysts to join our Senior Analyst Programme! Apply the skills you learned as an Analyst and help us in our mission. If you haven’t already, join our mailing list and follow our social media pages to receive notifications of when applications are open. Keep an eye out on the Prosper Alumni Facebook page for announcements of our next projects.
Application Process:

Candidates submit a written application which will be evaluated in addition to their performance in the Analyst Training Programme
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