Meet The Team

Irem Sara

Executive Director

"I am a fourth year Economics and Mathematics student. I have first-hand experienced the mixture of economic development and instability in emerging markets which led me to wonder if finance can be used to achieve long-term sustainable growth. Being a part of Prosper since my first year at the university, I am proud to witness and contribute to the growth of the fund, as well as our expanding impact on the local communities. I look forward to widening Prosper’s engagement with students and social enterprises, and continuing to deliver positive social change through our responsible, student-led investments.”

Matthew Hales

Director of Operations

"I am currently in my third year at the University of Edinburgh reading Economic History. I joined Prosper as a junior analyst last semester and it has propelled me into the world of socially responsible investment, so I am delighted to be the new Head of Operations. I believe the transition to sustainable finance offers hope for the future, thus I am looking forward to aiding Prosper in financing change. I am looking forward to helping Prosper develop and tackle the new opportunities of a changing financial world.”

Charlie Denton

Director of Investment Strategy

“I am going into my 4th year at university studying Economics with Finance. I completed the analyst program this past semester because I was interested in the concept of sustainable finance and it has only furthered my enthusiasm for ESG investing. I look forward to exploring new markets and asset classes for Prosper and further refining Prosper’s investment strategy.”

Graham Roeger

Head of Marketing

“I am a fourth-year Finance and Business student from the USA. I joined Prosper to learn more about ESG investing and to meet people from a range of academic backgrounds with common interests. I am looking forward to encouraging more students to learn the basics of ESG and financial valuation.”

Nikita Nandanwad

Head of Training

“I joined Prosper to improve my own knowledge about socially responsible investing and the future of ESG. For next year, I am excited to help improve knowledge of the financial world among people from diverse academic backgrounds, and to deliver a positive social impact on the local community."

Cosmo Mwamwembe

Head of Training

“I am a fourth year Chemical Engineering student. After benefiting tremendously from the analyst training and, later, senior analyst programs, I was more passionate and proud of the wonderful work Prosper has been doing. And now I look forward to passing on what I’ve learnt while devising a more adaptable and creative training program.”

Camilla Carere

Head of Strategic Relations

“I am a fourth year Economics student from the United States. I joined Prosper in my third year because I was interested in learning about ESG investing. While taking part in the analyst program I learned how to value companies based not only on traditional financial metrics, but also ESG criteria. I am excited to continue to learn about sustainable investing and to help others do the same this year!”

Albert Doyle

Head of Investment Tracking

“My name is Albert Doyle and I am in my second year at Edinburgh University, studying an MA in Geography. I am really pleased to be the Head of Investment Tracking at Prosper, having joined as a Junior Analyst last semester and gaining a lot of technical ability. Coming from a non-Finance degree background it was really encouraging to see that this did not disadvantage me in any way. I hope to encourage other students from a diverse range of degrees to join and improve upon the transparency of the work we do at Prosper Social Finance, hopefully using some of my data analytics skills!”

Sara Galy

Head of Strategy

“I am a third year Economics and Politics student. I got involved with Prosper out of curiosity into how the financial industry can have a positive impact and have been engaged with Prosper since first year. I am looking forward to see how we can further build Prosper’s community and increase our impact in a meaningful way.”

Zoe Fredrickson

Head of Social Impact

“I am a fourth year Philosophy and Politics student from Washington, DC. I joined Prosper in my second year because I found the world of finance pretty intimidating. I was drawn to Prosper’s accessible, compassionate, and sustainable approach to teaching financial essentials and to its commitment to positive social impact. Over the last two years, Prosper has challenged my perception of finance and taught me how it can be utilised as a force for good. As Head of Social Impact, I am excited to expand Prosper’s reach to students and social enterprises in Edinburgh by strengthening community engagement.”