Meet The Team

Vicky Grant

Executive Director

"I am a fourth year Economics and Politics student. Growing up in Greece, I developed mixed feelings about finance but coming to university I knew it was a discipline I wanted to explore. Prosper was the ideal way to do this. It not only challenged my perception of finance, it also taught me how to use technical skills to deliver positive social impact. I am excited to lead Prosper in this new chapter and help expand its reach to students and social enterprises.”

Clara Geldard

Director of Strategic Relations

"I am a third year Arabic and Politics student. I am passionate about making the financial world more accessible to people from a wider range of social and academic backgrounds and was drawn to Prosper because of the focus it places on sustainable finance. Outside of university, I work for a children’s rehabilitation centre in Kenya.”

Rory Sandison

Director of Marketing

“I am a third year Economics with Environmental Studies student, a degree which allows me to combine my interests in economic theory and policy with my passion for the environment. I have been a part of Prosper for two years now and still find myself learning new things day in and day out. I look forward to continuing and improving Prosper’s presence around the university and wider community.”

James Orr

Head of Training

“I am third year Business and Economics student. Initially, I got involved with Prosper seeing it as a fun and novel way to learn about sustainable investing, but now I see it as so much more than that. I can't wait to spice up the training program and pass on the values Prosper has instilled in me, all whilst raising our analyst’s financial literacy and increasing their awareness of sustainability."

Irem Sara

Head of Training

“I am a third year Economics and Mathematics student. I have first-hand experienced the mixture of economic development and instability in emerging markets which led me to wonder if finance can be used to achieve long-term sustainable growth. Through delivering Prosper’s training, I am excited to show new analysts how finance has the power to create positive social impact, not forgoing financial returns.”

Angeliki Koufali

Head of Operations

“I am a fourth year Economics student from Greece. I joined Prosper because I wanted to learn more about finance and how it can be used through socially responsible investing to make a positive social impact. Being the next Head of Operations, I am excited to dive into Prosper’s affairs and ensure the fund’s operations run as smoothly and effectively as possible.”

Amit Jagadeesh

Head of Investment Tracking

“I am a fourth year Economics with Finance student. My interest in Prosper came from the idea of challenging traditional finance and pushing for the future of SRI. As Head of Investment Tracking, my goal next year is to model an even stronger portfolio of socially conscious companies.”

Joel Stedman

Head of Investment Strategy

“I am a post-graduate student on the Carbon Finance MSc, having previously studied Physics for undergraduate here at the University of Edinburgh. After having learned a great deal through the analyst training programme, I would like to see the portfolio widened from North America- and Europe-based holdings to include both more geographical regions and a more diverse set of assets, for instance bonds.”

Jai Shah

Head of Strategy

“I am currently studying for a degree in Chemical Engineering. I got involved with Prosper to improve my understanding of financial metrics and to get a better picture of current industry ESG standards. Looking forward, I hope to develop and implement a plan as Head of Strategy to add more value to Prosper.”