Analyst Training Programme

The ideal introduction to socially responsible investment

Our eight week Analyst Training Programme is the ideal introduction to socially responsible investments! Successful candidates join Prosper as analysts and receive tuition from our Heads of Training and industry professionals.

No previous finance knowledge needed

The Programme’s content has been carefully designed to be accessible for beginners with no previous knowledge of finance but challenging enough for those who come from a financial background.

The analyst curriculum

To complement the theoretical knowledge they gain during the Programme’s weekly sessions, Analysts conduct independent research in teams to prepare and pitch an investment proposal for our Investment Panel.

Some analysts in a workshop

In addition to providing technical skills, our Programme is designed to develop the necessary soft skills for Analyst’s investment proposals delivered at the end of the Programme. Exercises to develop their presentation skills and written skills are embedded throughout the Programme. Hence, by the time Analysts begin writing and planning the pitch for their proposals they are well prepared.

By working in teams, Prosper Analysts interact with like-minded, passionate and driven individuals and become a part of the Prosper community!

What’s in it for you?

  • Discover and understand what it means to make socially responsible investments
  • Receive top quality, theoretical and practical training
  • Learn how to apply a fund’s investment philosophy and strategy into your decisions as an analyst
  • Receive guidance and support from industry professionals in each step of the process
  • Meet like-minded individuals with a passion for making a difference
  • Develop your teamwork and presentation skills

Interested in applying?

We welcome and encourage all students from the University of Edinburgh - regardless of year and degree - to apply. We recruit new analysts every September and January. If you are interested in applying sign up to our mailing list and follow our social media pages to be notified when applications open.

Application Process:

We carry out a two-stage holistic application process to ensure we attract analysts who embody our values, are eager to learn and are passionate about delivering a positive social impact through finance. In Stage 1, candidates submit a written application which is assessed anonymously. Successful candidates are invited for interviews in Stage 2 of our process. These include individual and group interviews with a case study. Prior knowledge of finance is neither required nor assessed at any stage of our application process.

Frequently asked questions

I have no prior knowledge of finance or ESG investing, can I join?
Yes! The Programme’s content has been carefully designed to be accessible for beginners with no previous knowledge of finance or ESG but challenging enough for those who come from a financial background.
What is the estimated time-commitment?
The weekly training sessions last 2 hours and they are mandatory. On top of that you will need to conduct approximately 2-3 hours of independent work. We believe the workload is equivalent to that of a 10 credit university course. Ultimately, what you get out of the programme depends on what you put in.
How many analysts are there per team?
Each team consists of five to six analysts supervised by a member from the Management Team, the ‘Team Head’.
Is there a sociable side to the programme?
Of course! We usually go for drinks after our Monday sessions and there are socials organised throughout the semester.
When do applications open for the Analyst Training Programme?
Dates usually vary year to year. Keep an eye on our social media and subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about the recruitment process, everything is communicated through there!